“It’ll be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

When I post this far apart, it’s hard to remember everything that has happened since I last posted! But this is just a quick update on my life.

I am no longer using crutches!! Through mostly willpower and lots of hard work and exercising I can walk and cycle for a few miles without aid! I work three days a week for Barnardos charity and my overall outlook is positive. I have more treatments coming up this year and I should be improving more and more! On the whole, I’m reasonably happy! 

Obviously, my life isn’t perfect. For example my dad is still a prat and prostitution is still in full force the world round. Plus it’s winter and winter is COLD (even with the bonus leg hair >:3). Cannot WAIT for the summer to return.

My love life is still a hideous mess but let’s not even go there my friends. I’ve put on weight but fuck it. Even my boss says I’m not fat so it can’t be all bad??

I have some awesome plans coming up for an advice blog (where you can ask me any question in the world and I’ll attempt to solve your problems) and a fashion blog where me and ma girrrllllfriends shall bring you all of what WE think is cute and slating what we cannot stand! Should be a lot of fun! I have some seriously lovely people in my life looking after me and jeez, tonight I just love the world :3

And this is me with FLU talking here!

So, Debbimouse hopes you all had a lovely Christmas and I’ll be back with more post tomorrow! Over and out my wondeful lovebugs :3


2 thoughts on ““It’ll be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

  1. MichB says:

    You can go crutch-free now? That’s fantastic! I heartily applaud you and your stellar efforts – especially at this time of year when all is miserable and a bit dark. I’m currently back with the parents for Christmas and I like to sleep in, but also get a bit cranky without my nature fix, so I have to time when I leave and plan to get back from a walk very carefully, so I don’t end up stuck in the middle of an unknown field in the dark.
    As for the lovelife, I’ve never had one, so you’re still one up on me 😛

    • Thanks! Worked hard all summer and after to get crutch free and it paid off :3 it’s crazy how much easier life is without them :3 i love a good nature walk, stuck inside ill for weeks has NOT been good but im starting to perk up. Hope you had a lovely holiday!
      Mousey love to my most avid follower :p
      P.s i am debating posting pictures of my pet mice soooooon!! They’re so sweet :3

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