It came to my attention recently that although I say in my tagline that I post baking tips and nudist experiences, i have yet to do EITHER. So this is intended to rectify that oversight.


>Baking is the most fun when done naked, mostly naked, half naked or in a balldress/wedding dress. Normal dress makes normal cakes, but we the chosen few with the balls to discover new things, will make AWESOME cakes :3

>Most important thing to do before you start baking is to make sure you have the right ingredients and equipment. BE PREPARED. I rarely preweigh out things as i use guessimation as my biggest tool, but you can do that if you have no idea what 250gs of flour looks like.

>My passion is for finding new recipes for dairy free, or egg free, or glueton free cakes, desserts, puddings and treats. Replacements, alternatives and improvements. I take recipes as a guideline and make my own rules. It is SO MUCH FUN.

Now, down to business. Behold, my latest baking experiments….
From Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero
They were a definite success, although as they become less fresh I recommend icing them! The recipe was 100% vegan and one of the first American recipes I’ve used that i didn’t struggle with. American recipes often require ingredients i don’t have and cannot easily obtain, and have bizarre measurement proportions. For example the recipe claimed to make a batch of twelve. I made nearly thirty reasonably sized cupcakes. Something us brits have to look out for as an American cupcake appears to be three times the size of what we would call a cupcake!
Debbimouse over and out for now!


2 thoughts on “NAKED CUPCAKE TIME!

  1. Yay for naked baking. I have never had rum and raisin cupcakes. I must rectify this at some point. I am clearly not living my life right if I have never had rum and raisin cupcakes.

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