Why men shouldn’t shave.

This is something that really really bugs me. Men that shave more than just their face. Okay, fair enough if you don’t want a beard. I like a clean shaven man as much as a fur faced one. But limit it to the face PLEASE.
So many “men” these days remove most of the hair from their bodies. I wish they’d stop. I find it intensely unattractive. I was having this discussion with a male friend yesterday and I tried to explain this to him with these points.
– Male body hair IS attractive. It’s testosterone and caveman and animal and all things manly and sexy. Stomach hair is my biggest turn on in guys, shortly followed by back hair.
– it’s natural. I always find natural more attractive. Guys that straighten their hair, pluck their eyebrows and wear cover up freak me out more than they turn me on.
– it’s more comfortable. As a woman I know intimately the amount of effort it takes to remain hairless. Why would you put yourself through that?
– THE BIGGEST POINT. It makes you look like a nine year old boy. Puberty happens and you get hairy. Why are you trying to back track?! I (and most women) want a real man, not a prepubescent child. Body hair represents that you have come into this world, that you have passed it’s rites of passage and you are bigger and stronger than you were before. Hairlessness implies the opposite.

Men have hair. It’s a manly thing. If you don’t want to be manly, by all means go back to shaving your legs. But good luck tryna convince your girlfriend that you deserve respect, that you are capable of looking after yourself and that you don’t need her to change your diapers.

Debbimouse, over and out.


One thought on “Why men shouldn’t shave.

  1. BOOK says:

    Girl, speak for yourself I just can’t do back hair.

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