What is hypocrisy but human? The act of blaming other for their faults which we also display amongst our own is a well recognised artform. It is my largest short coming. But, I also believe that we cannot excuse our behaviour on account of hypocrisy. “They’re just as bad” never seemed like a legitimate excuse to me. Yes, our leaders must show strength and be better men than we ourselves, yes our idols must be all that we long to be, but if they fall short it is no excuse to imitate them. In many ways hypocrisy is the safest place to come from in regards to remonstration. If I have not exhibited the undesirable behaviour personally, how can I truly know it IS undesirable? How may I understand the consequences if I have not experienced them? Thus I tell you, do NOT be harsh on the hypocrites. They mean well, and are more to be emphathised with than demonised.

Lol vagina, real talk and such.

Debbimouse, over and out.


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