Although I am most creative at nighttime, I’m finding my Insomnia a little tiresome at the moment (pun not intended).

Recently, it’s been pretty bad. It used to be that I would fall asleep at around 2am. Now I’m closer to 4/5am with early starts of 7am on some days. This routine will repeat for days with me running on no sleep until I “catch up” at the weekend (which actually makes things worse but I need the sleep).

There are many reasons that I suffer from Insomnia and it’s been going on for a long, long time. Sometimes it’s worse than others but again I’m at the point where it affects my day-to-day life (especially with University and my Songwriting).

So, how can I aid my situation?

Well, I have a couple of saving graces that I use (that I haven’t been lately…whoops!) so I thought I’d…

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