Preach sister!

The Goddamn Gutpuncher

Today I’m reviewing a fashion magazine. Why? Well because I can. There are many things that bug me about fashion magazines. The first thing being the shoes. Ridiculously high platform stilettos which look more like tacky weapons than tacky shoes.

Another thing I hate is tacky fluorescent shades which most people would keep to visibility vests. But not only that but there are violently alarming numbers of hideous prints. There should be  limit as to how much leopard print you’re allowed to wear out of the house. There’s a fine line between looking acceptable and looking like a tacky slutty barmaid from *insert soap opera name here.* Its not Halloween so there’s no need to dress as a slutty leopard all year round. Also the amount of floral print is reminiscent of my grandmother’s house or her wardrobe.

Also the constant diets or ways to slim. In this particular issue they are…

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