The Goddamn Gutpuncher

Recently I read a book called Me and Mr Darcy. Basically it was about some woman’s delusions that Mr Darcy would be a good boyfriend until she realizes that in reality he wouldn’t. In the book there’s this journalist who is writing an article about why women want to date Mr Darcy. This inspired me to write a blog about why I wouldn’t want to date “desirable” fictional characters.

Why wouldn’t I want to date Mr Darcy? Well like the book Me and Mr Darcy covers he’s old fashioned. And why would I want to date someone who has all sorts of old fashioned views about women? We’re from different time periods. Different worlds. Its ridiculous to believe that me and him would work. Unless I was from that time period we wouldn’t.

Why wouldn’t I want to be the Juliet to someone’s Romeo? Well because they both die. And other people die…

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