Falling in front of buses

Falling in love is like jumping in front of a bus.
Hear me out here.
Have you ever ran in front of a bus? Felt the air rush past you as the huge metal beast misses you by centimeters, shaken with adrenaline, revelled in the way your breath catches. The sheer stupidity of it. That, is what falling in love is like.
Playing the dating game is like dodging traffic. You’re running around, having fun. It’s alright on quiet village lanes, or small town roads. But someday you’re gonna step onto a motorway. And those motherfuckers don’t stop.
I fell in love this week. I wasn’t expecting it. One moment I was skipping through traffic on a well known road, irritating cyclists and winking at traffic wardens when BAM. Out of nowhere this car I’d thought I’d avoided took me out for the count. It was a cream jaguar, a restored classic with leather seats and a pleasant whine to the engine. A niche market car. And lying on that metaphorical tarmac staring up at that metaphorical car, I couldn’t help but notice how damn beautiful it was.
Those first moments when you realise you’ve fallen in love, are filled with shock and wonder. How did this happen? Why? Who could have done this to me? Then you begin to feel the way that speeding car hit you, you feel the difference in your life, the little vibrations. After the shocks worn off you go into hospital for treatment. You enter into negotiations with the jaguar owner for compensation and future agreements and interactions. You tell your friends and confide your doubts, you tell your mother and bring him home for dinner, you float on a haze of love drug. After the treatment completes you try to adjust to normal life again, even though you can feel the way it has changed you. Something in your walk, your smile, your tone of voice, everything you see is different. And you don’t stray near any traffic. Traffic dodging doesn’t even cross your mind. The image of the jaguar is imprinted in your vision, on your heart. And you’ll never be the same again.

Debbimouse is over and out, too full of gooey mush :3


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