My Neighbours


The Goddamn Gutpuncher

My neighbours have recently got chickens. In fact they haven’t even had them 12 hours yet. Already I am worried about the chickens. They have sounded severely distressed for an hour. I swear one of them nearly had a heartache. It was really horrid to hear. Also they have already escaped or got loose somehow already. Now I know this seems like an over reaction to believe an hour is indicative of their inability to look after chickens. However my neighbours are kind of stupid.

My next door neighbours moved into the bungalow next to me a few years back now. They moved from a house. The house they moved from has only one house between it and the bungalow they moved into. They still live in the same post code. They just moved into the bungalow a couple of houses down. I mean really? But the strangest part of…

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