Thoughts on Philosophy

So in my ‘Introduction to Cultural Theory’ lectures, we’re being taught to think about words as concepts rather than realities. A word is a picture in your head that means something completely different to anyone who reads it. The relationship between the idea in your head and the actual word is completely arbitrary.
Now you see, I have ALWAYS thought this. My meaning is not your meaning, my words are not your words, when trying to explain myself you will always walk away with a different meaning to what I actually meant.
So, being a blogger, this is an infinitely important concept to me. What do you readers think I mean when I type? In Craft of Writing we are taught to always consider our readership and write to the readers. Personally I think that’s bollocks. If I always wrote what I thought people wanted to read, my writing wouldn’t be worth the calories burned typing. So why do I write? If I am not writing what you want to hear, why do I write at all?
To CHALLENGE you. To encourage you to broaden your minds, readers. To say things that you don’t want to hear.
You can never understand what it is I mean, but I write to allow you to find your own meaning inside of my words. Find your own interpretation, discover your own opinions (not that anyone has their “own” opinions are such, merely ideas formed out of influence). Read what you want to hear out of the words I write, not caring what you want to hear.
And of course, I write for myself.
Writing is an act of expression, of release. To let out the complex meanings confined in my own head through the medium of speech. I don’t give a flying monkeys if anyone actually reads it and understands or cares. Writing it down and putting it out there is enough for me.
Which is why I will never be an author. Screw the readership, screw the sales, I will always be freelance. I write for me first and secondly for others that care to listen to the complete jumble of bollocks I come out with.
So, if anyone is still listening, what do YOU think I mean? What do YOU think this blog is for? What is any of this for? Why do we write? Leave opinions below for discussions and fun times.
Debbimouse, over and muthafucking out.


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