My body is art, not entertainment. Is yours?


Before I say anything, and oh boy do I have a lot to say, I want to make my solid views about what is right and wrong made 100% clear so there can be no confusion.

I believe the sex industry is wrong. In my opinion, pornographic footage or photos, strip clubs, prostitution, or anything else involving paying money to become aroused by titillating images or live people having sex or being naked is totally sick and immoral.

HOWEVER. I don’t think there is anything wrong with masturbation, home made tapes/photos of legal adults which are not sold but kept private, sexual dancing such as burlesque or anything else that people choose to do with each other behind closed doors (under legal boundaries of course).

Confused? Let me make the line clear.

The sex industry is immoral because sex workers are selling themselves. Their bodies, their private talents, their SOULS, to be melodramatic.

And some things in life shouldn’t be bought. Can you buy a child’s love? Can you buy a mother’s trust? Can you buy the adoration of your friends and family? Are any of the things in life that people provide for you that are really worth having for sale? Why is sex something we can buy? Why is sex so devalued, so worthless a thing that you can buy it off someone for some pieces of paper? Why is money more important than dignity, self worth, health, pride? Some wise guy once said that the love of money was the root of all evil. He wasn’t wrong.

Before anyone thinks to suggest that I’m some bible bashing religious nut out to suppress everyone’s free will, I’d like to point out that I would never tell anyone not to do something unless it was hurting other people or themselves. I am an exhibitionist, I will be the first to admit. I take my clothes off sometimes. But I have never and I will never do it for money. My body is a work of art, a gift from my parents. If I choose to share it, then that is my choice, as long as I don’t expose myself in front of children or whatever, then it shouldn’t be a problem. I am not against general nudity, nudists or tasteful nude art. I LOVE nude art, the human body is the purest form of natural colour and line that can be found on this planet. But it is created as a celebration of colour and line, not as an image for the purpose of arousal and self pleasure. My body is a sculpture, a creation, a magnificent miracle and above all NOT FOR SALE. You cannot buy this, and you shouldn’t even try.

Why is it normal for us to spend money on the devaluation of our fellow human beings? They will never knew you watched this, they will never know who you are and yet you have seen some of the most private things that we as humans have to show. How can it be right to look at something you have not earned? And I don’t mean earned via $15 for a dirty magazine; I mean how have you earned it as a person, why are you worthy? Whether or not someone deserves to see your body should be a personal and instinctual choice, every single time. Letting someone in like that is an act of trust. It shouldn’t be something that is bought.

On to the reasons why I believe the sex industry to be sick; the men and women in the sex industry can be put through hell. At the top end of the spectrum is the lucky ones who get pots of money and have pots of fun. But the vast majority of sex workers would rather be doing something else. It can be painful, humiliating and there is an increasing chance of catching a disease. Sex workers tested for STI’s are increasingly turning up positive. It is common practise for porn companies to pay for their performers to have vast amounts of plastic surgery, and for the actors to be given illegal drugs on set. How can that be healthy?

The bottom of the pile are the “curb crawlers”, the “rent boys”, the men and women living in poverty and struggling to stay alive by means of selling themselves. What kind of despicable being buys that? What kind of twisted individual pays money for someone to lie unwillingly on a bed and allow themselves to be violated by a stranger? If anyone reading this has paid for sex before, then please take offense. You disgust me. I think you are utterly, utterly vile. It isn’t funny, it isn’t cool to be one of “the lads” for a night, or to “look after yourself”. Paying for sex is the lowest possible thing I can imagine.

I don’t, on the whole, blame the men and women who are sex workers. As I said before, most of them would much rather do something else. The industry is seeped with drugs and violence, human trafficking and abuse. If they had another choice, most would rather escape. The blame rests on those who profit from it, and those who revel in it, those who sell other people like we sell cattle, and those who accept it as just a normal part of life.

I don’t let my body be anything less than a work of art, I’m not here for your entertainment. Why shouldn’t any other human alive be allowed to claim the same rights as me?

The sex industry is just the top of a cesspit of disgusting practises. I’ve already mentioned drug abuse, plastic surgery and human trafficking, and I’d like to go into more detail on those now. That drug abuse should be promoted in any industry is wrong, and I will always stand against it. Sex work in itself is addictive, and with drugs added into the mix, it creates a deadly cocktail. The porn industry has one of the highest turn over rates in the world, in terms of workers, as most workers (particularly women) cannot live with it or themselves if they become involved in that. Shouldn’t that highlight how wrong this is? That sex work covers over an underworld of drugs and violence is a well known fact? Yet why does n0thing change?

Plastic surgery. The ultimate go-to for those of us with low self esteem. It is widely propagated within the porn and sex industries as the way to get ahead. But again, why is this okay? Why should people put themselves under the knife? It’s sick! It just adds to the already high levels of deception that twists so many peoples minds when they view the images created. It ruins peoples perceptions of what the human body is supposed to look like creating increased low self esteem for everyone. It’s a circle that goes round and round and needs to be broken! It simply isn’t REAL. It’s just as bad as books like that “Fifty Shades Of Grey” nonsense that creates this fantasy world that people will never live through. It prevents people from having healthy relationships and experiencing healthy sexual intercourse because their minds are all wrapped up in this idea of what it is “supposed” to be, that doesn’t actually exist. No girl naturally does the things that girls in porn videos do, and in fact the actors are often in extreme amounts of pain as they do them. Not every man has a 12″ package and a six pack and gets laid in the weirdest of places. BUT THAT’S OKAY. It’s not supposed to be like that! Sex is a beautiful and wonderful experience that brings people closer together in ways nothing else does. But it is not all about how many positions you can create or how fantastical you can make it. It is a simple human need, as important that a walk in the sunshine, or getting your five a day.

Finally, the worst of it all. Trafficking. Whatever people say about people choosing to work in the industry and they want to be there, they cannot ignore the fact that some have no choice. A large proportion of the women in brothels are trafficked in from other countries. Kidnapped and stolen from their families, or brought to our country under false pretenses and forced to work as sex slaves. There are children, barely old enough to know what’s going on, who are made to lie on a bed day after day after day and are raped and violated again and again and again. If there is even one person who lives like that, under the shelter of the sex industry then it would be sick and wrong. But there are MILLIONS. Millions and millions of innocents, who have no choice in what they do. There aren’t words for how disgusting and evil it is.

What of the men and women who do choose that life? Many of them feel like they have no choice. There is a massive increase in young people entering the sex industry to pay their way for college as it is the only market that can give them enough money to get where they need to go. How is that right? That our young people are selling their bodies for the hope of an education and a better life? How is that moral? Sex workers are left with a cripplingly low self worth. If you went and found a hundred sex workers in all different area of the industry, I could bet you that most of them would do better in counselling than in selling themselves. We as humans, are worth so much incredibly more than that. We have so much intrinsic worth that it should never ever be necessary to sell our selves. And no one ever deserves their choices being taken away from them regarding to the use of their body for sex.

I am now talking to YOU, you who have stuck with me this far and read what I have written. Take a stand with me. Boycott the sex industry. And persuade as many others as possible to do the same. I don’t have the power to shut down the industry, there will always be people out there who will do it, but I want to try to make it at least less socially acceptable. If even one person stops watching porn to masturbate after reading this and finds some other way, if even one person turns away from a strip club door and doesn’t degrade the people on the stage with their eyes, if even one person can talk to a prostitute and see them as a beautiful miracle who is worth so much more than selling their body for money and drugs, then I will have achieved something worthwhile. Will you be that person?

Debbimouse, over and out.